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Winter Training Workshop (Zoom) - Oct 2021

Posted by Dave, 18th Oct 2021

There will be an 'Orienteers Winter training' zoom workshop in two weeks for the juniors. To register for this talk, please fill out the form at:

This is a workshop to detail what a winter physical (running) training should be and what the technical training can be for an Irish junior living in Ireland and who is interested in competiting at the Junior World Orienteering Championships next year or at some stage in the future. Presenters are Josh O'Sullivan Hourihan and David Healy respectively per topic area.

The workshop will take place over two evenings on the 30th and 31st of October and it is intended for the MW16-20s juniors. However MW14s are invited to sit in if they are interested.

Update - A video of the physical part of the training talk is available here, and a PDF copy of the associated slides is available to download here