The current Junior Affairs Officer is David Masterson. He decided to take up the role in October 2021 after many years of being coaxed into doing so, but mainly because he firmly believes in giving Junior Orienteering Athletes every possible opportunity to learn, improve and display their talents, both at home and internationally.

Dave has been an orienteer since his first event in Sept 1991, where himself and a young Shane Lynch argued for 72 mins about which path to run up on Ticknock. He spent many happy years orienteering as a junior within the Irish Junior Squad and ran at several JHIs (to no great success). He went to UCD, but decided to spend his elite years underground in caves instead of in a forest. However, he returned several years later having seen the error of his ways.

Nowadays, he lives on the Curragh and runs with CNOC (to moderate success), and can be seen at most orienteering events (with his family) around the country - generally lending a hand where he can. He hopes that he can give the current Juniors the same great memories of junior orienteering that he himself has.

To get in touch with Dave (who finds it odd typing about himself in the third person), the best way is to send an email to