Junior Training, Feb 2024

Quick summary of how the day went - we all arrived at the somewhat misty Comeragh Mountains for 11am. Robert, Jack and John briefed the juniors on the first exercise - a contour walk with unmarked controls along the line. Groups took off in clockwise and counterclockwise directions and took turns leading their respective parties along the line.

Following this, we had a star relay - juniors took it in turns to do various out-and-back legs, testing their ability to use the contour and rock detail, as well as running on bearings to locate the control sites. The juniors were also placing the control stakes for their friends to find, so they needed to be accurate with their navigation.

Quick break for lunch, and the next short exercise was a small course, focusing on attack point selection and use of catching features as navigation aids, to home in quickly on controls.

Last run of the day was a tricky control pick - 24 short legs covering the entire area, where the junior got to put all their skills to the test. To make it trickier, none of the controls had codes, so you needed to be confident before punching the box. Number 4&8 caught out many runners, as well as number 16, but everyone seemed to enjoy the course regardless.

Photos of the day are currently uploading to:


Thanks to John for organising, Robert and Jack for planning the exercises, and to Bríd and Angus for helping out with coaching on the day.