Irish Junior Squad

Who Are We?

We are an inclusive group of young orienteers (aged 13-20, with some younger aspirants) from each of the four provinces of Ireland, who train and work hard together to hopefully be selected to represent our country on the international stage. We are assisted in this by a team of volunteer coaches, managers, selectors and supporters from Orienteering Ireland (OI) and the Northern Irish Orienteering Association (NIOA) that help us to improve our skills, get fitter and stronger, and reach our full potential individually and as a team.

See where we have been, what we have
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Tips, tricks, exercises, maps to help improve your skills at home and in the outdoors.

How to get involved, and
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About Orienteering Ireland and NI Orienteering

Orienteering Ireland is the governing body for the sport of orienteering in Ireland.  It co-ordinates the activity of the various clubs around the country, and supports the activitie of the Junior Squad. The IOA is grant aided by the Irish Sports Council. 

NI Orienteering exists as an Association to provide leadership, support and technical supervision to individuals and orienteering clubs in Northern Ireland in order to maximize the quantity and quality of orienteering performance and participation in Northern Ireland.